Launderettes in Street and Wells in Somerset

We have been labelled as an essential business to stay open during these hard times for public hygiene reasons. We will be open for our normal hours however we STRONGLY ask you to please read all information in the shop, for your safety, and the safety of others.
We also ask that you read our COVID-19  ADVICE PAGE  
on the website before leaving for the launderette.  Do not hesitate to get in contact with us with any questions or concerns.

Washing and Ironing made easy

t.   01458 448 264
m. 07943 517 904

Chelles wash n tumble & Ironing Service is a family run business based at STREET LAUNDERETTE, in Goswell Road, where you can drop-off and collect all your washing and ironing needs.

We also offer Service Washes, Ironing and duvet service, at Chelles Wash n Tumble, based at Street launderette, Goswell Rd.